What did Jesus do?

People are remembered for their achievements. Think of it, why do we remember Churchill? It is because he was the prime minister that led our nation to victory with the allies in the second world war. Why do people know who Shane Williams is? It is because he is the highest try scorer that Wales have ever had. The question here is what did Jesus do that means we should remember him?

If we are honest there are many things in the Bible that we are told about Jesus that could make him memorable. His teaching and miracles would surely be worthy in and of themselves. Yet, there is one event that the Bible centres on above all others and that is the death and resurrection of Jesus.

But what was the cross all about and what does it mean that Jesus rose from the dead? The Bible uses two words that answer these questions.

The first is the word propitiation - which means a sacrifice to turn aside the wrath of God. On the cross Jesus died in the place of others to take the punishment that they deserved, in order that a just God could forgive them (Romans 3:25-26).The second word is victory. Jesus won at the cross, he defeated sin. He opened up a way for us to be made right with God. The resurrection declares this victory.

The cross and resurrection of Jesus are at the heart of the Christian gospel. The Bible tells us that people were designed by God to live for Him and to love Him. Yet, because of disobedience and sin we have been alienated from God because we have rebelled against Him. The result of our rebellion is that we deserve God's judgement. The cross is where Jesus paid the price for our rebellion and opened a way to God for all who would put their trust in him.


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"Christ in you, the hope of glory." Colossians 1:27