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One offs
Sun, Jan 28, 2018
Duration:30 mins 39 secs
Because of His unique identity - He is both God and man. Because He was willing to identify with us, even though it cost Him everything. Because He was God's annointed.
Sun, Jan 07, 2018
Duration:45 mins 47 secs
Ambassadors for Christ ...a message of reconciliation
One offs
Sun, Nov 05, 2017
Duration:40 mins 37 secs
What's your aim ? Does your drive and ambition come from above ?
Sun, Nov 05, 2017
Duration:35 mins 20 secs
Silly myths and made-man rules don't make you godly so stay away from them ! If we want to be godly, we are to train ourselves for godliness. This requires effort, it requires making use of the means God has given. In particular it requires us to look for the grace that is to be found when we spend time with Jesus in His word. The great hope is that we can put on godliness as we look to Him.
Sun, May 28, 2017
Duration:32 mins 21 secs
We need the Gospel because the wrath of God is being revealed against all godlessness and unrighteousness.
Sun, Apr 23, 2017
Duration:34 mins 20 secs
Why should we open this letter to the Romans ? 1. Because of who wrote it 2. Because of it's message 3. Because it's for us
One offs
Sun, Feb 26, 2017
Duration:24 mins 15 secs
Why was Jesus baptised? Why did He undergo a baptism of repentance when He had no sin to repent of? He was baptised as our representative. He was baptised to demonstrate His commitment to being our substitute, to taking upon Himself our sins and taking our punishment. Furthermore, He was baptised to "fulfill all righteousness". Again He wasn't baptised to earn a righteousness for Himself, but rather to meet the demands of the law so that we could receive a perfect righteousness from Him through faith and so be justified before God. The effectiveness of this work is displayed in the pleasure the Father shows in His Son - a pleasure which He has in us as we put our trust in Him.
Walking through Acts
Sun, Dec 11, 2016
Duration:34 mins 57 secs
The weapon of prayer. Are we using the weapon of prayer in the way the church at Jerusalem used it? They met specifically to pray and when they prayed, they prayed earnestly. A word for the unbelievery - Herod''s death is a picture of the death of all unbelivers - without God and without hope.
One offs
Sun, Nov 20, 2016
Duration:45 mins 35 secs
'Turning on the light'...a message of hope as the light of the world is born !
One offs
Sun, Nov 06, 2016
Duration:48 mins 7 secs
Are we walking in high places ? Learning to walk in step with God.
Walking through Acts
Sun, Sep 11, 2016
Duration:34 mins 9 secs
This passage has clear lessons for us in relation to how we should respond to the Great Commission. 1.Sharing the good news of Jesus is everybody's job. We are the evangelists to the places in which God has put us. 2. Sharing Jesus means just that, it means telling people about Jesus. 3. This sharing should take place wherever we find ourselves, in whatever circumstance.
Walking through Acts
Sun, Jul 17, 2016
Duration:23 mins 57 secs
The apostles could easily have been distracted by the problem of food distribution among the widows, but they were not. This was because they knew their calling and they remained focused on it. What is our calling, and how do we remain focused on it?
All about Jesus
Sun, May 29, 2016
Duration:39 mins 32 secs
A letter from Paul to Timothy where he encourages him the importance of keeping the faith and fighting the good fight for the gospel and it's furtherance.
All about Jesus
Sun, May 29, 2016
Duration:29 mins 15 secs
Sometimes we are tempted to look back but the Bible encourages us expectantly look to what is before.
Easter 2016
Sun, Mar 27, 2016
Duration:29 mins 15 secs
Looking at the foundations of our faith in Jesus' resurrection. A glorified resurrected body, celebrating resurrected faith and the hope resurrection brings.
Easter 2016
Sun, Mar 27, 2016
Duration:30 mins 47 secs
Has Jesus set your heart on fire for Him ?
Songs of the kingdom
Sun, Feb 21, 2016
Duration:29 mins 22 secs
Jesus quoted this Psalm in his dying breath on the cross. What was he telling us?
All Age Services
Sun, Oct 18, 2015
Duration:25 mins 30 secs
This is our memory verse for the month. It’s a great verse to learn, but what does it mean?
Seated on the throne
Sun, Oct 11, 2015
Duration:37 mins 51 secs
What is God’s end game? Where is everything heading? Here we look at the fullest and grandest picture of eternity with Jesus that we have in the Bible. An eternity that is offered and real for every believer in Jesus Christ.
"Christ in you, the hope of glory." Colossians 1:27